Compassionate Wellness and Aligned Life Coaching
Compassionate Wellness and Aligned Life Coaching

I have been guiding people toward greater well-being for over twenty years. I began coaching after an extensive career teaching, writing, and consulting in the natural products, fitness, and self-growth industries. My commitment is always to bring compassion, and my life-long passion for natural health, holistic living, and spiritual truth to the coaching sessions I offer.

With a background in movement arts, from dance to Pilates and yoga and many other body/mind integrative disciplines, I offer Pilates, yoga and personal presence inspired fitness at her home studio in Boulder county, CO.  As a writer and blogger, I have published hundreds of articles about Pilates, nutrition and exercise; including interviews with many luminaries of the health and fitness industry. 

I believe that the best choices, and most lasting changes, come from a place of inner connection -- when we are centered and aligned with our vision from the inside out. What's needed first, is the willingness to take one friendly step toward yourself. From there, you can plan and take actions that have power and integrity.


As your wellness and life coach, I am committed to coaching as a process that is built on compassion and honors you as the primary authority on your life. As our coaching relationship grows, I can offer insights and resources that will help you further real-ize your goals and reveal new possibilities.

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I have an MS in holistic nutrition, and a BA in dance/movement arts from the Naropa University where I also did graduate work in Buddhist psychology. I am also certified in Pilates, group exercise, hypnotherapy, and movement therapy and, recently, U-lab Processes as well as becoming a Girls Circle Facilitator. I studied coaching with Tunde Horvath, an I.C.F master coach and the founder of the Gestalt Coaching Center. I am is long-time practitioner of body/mind/spirit integrative practices such as yoga and meditation, 

The National Association of Nutrition Professionals
The Pilates Method Alliance
The American Aerobics and Fitness Association

Alignment is rarely about a straight line. It is about balance, intention,

and presence.


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"Marguerite is a treasure! She has the ability to blend her vast full spectrum knowledge with her intuitive skills and actually offer the client an understanding of 'why' or 'how' certain lifestyle changes can be beneficial. I have found that to be of great value. Simply said, she has been extremely supportive in my wellness journey over the years and I consider her an ally of the highest order."
- Gentle Thunder ~ Grammy nominated multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, composer, producer and visionary.

"Whenever I have a question about health, Marguerite is the person I consult. She always has great educated and researched answers for me, and is also very willing to discuss all angles of the situation.
Marguerite, is a treasured resource for me."
Thanks and Love,
 Kara Young, Artist, Santa Fe, NM


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